About Andrea:

Inspired by my father, a music education professor, and lining up my stuffed animals and dolls,

I used to stand in front of them and conduct lectures. I was two. University blue composition notebooks were one of my favorite gifts, though my scrawl was illegible. I began my teaching journey in early elementary school, tutoring classmates then racing home to teach the neighborhood kids. They were less than thrilled. School was difficult for me and I could barely read due to Amblyopia. I was a D student until age 15, when hormones evened out and learning blossomed.


Awarded four degrees, I have a great love for academics, research, and the reciprocal learning between teacher and student, artist and element, writer and reader, and performer and audience. I apply arts teaching experience and my stage career as an actor, musical performer, dramatic writer, and theatre director to enhance my creative writing instruction. The interstitial arts approach steps off categorization, moves outside of genres, and explores artistic expression through mixed arts to create unique writing pieces.


If you’re an interstitial artist, I want to see your work. When the arts meet writing, new forms can speak to us, move us, and teach us. Please send me links to your sites or send examples through email. Your work is your property and protected, just as my critical eye and review are.


Are you a writer? Say yes to your work. It wants to be written.